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A day in the life of my stomach

I used to have such an unhealthy mindset towards food.

Food was my comfort but also my worst enemy. I had your typical love/hate relationship with food. I would eat when I was bored, I would eat when I was sad, I would eat when I was stressed, I would eat for the sake of eating. I would go through phases of starving myself as much as I could during the week and then getting to the weekend and being like – TREAT Yo’SELF. You have earned it by depriving yourself of basic foods throughout the week and going to gym 2 times a day everyday. The weekends were then epic food binges and they left me feeling miserable and hating my body, so naturally come Monday guess what mindset I started with? I needed to starve myself to try and be ‘good’ and eat less food because of how guilty and crappy I felt. Then the weekend came again ….. well you can already see the cycle happening can’t you?

My daily food intake during the week consisted of cans of Pepsi, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, cupcakes, chocolate bars and takeaway.

I have mentally gone through a complete overhaul of my ‘relationship’ with food. Food is no longer a crutch, or used as a reward. Food is fuel. Food is important for my health and well being. Food enables me to function correctly and train well to improve my overall health and change my physique. This has taken an incredibly LONG time to do and I could harp on about this topic forever – maybe it’s something people would like me to cover more in depth or about how I have mentally over come this. But for now given it’s a new year and people are setting new goals and probably feel a bit sluggish and out of sorts after Christmas and New Years celebrations, I am going to share with you a typical day of what I eat.

Welcome to a tour of my stomach

Over time and by listening to my body, I have worked out what foods work best for me. This also includes when the best time for me to eat is to achieve the results that I want. I disperse my food throughout the day for when I need energy the most and to curb any cravings or feeling painfully hungry.

Breakfast – 5:30am
I used to bloody hate eggs – no joke they used to make me gag, but after slowly working it and incorporating them into my breakfast I now love them and wake up looking forward to breakfast every morning. I have 1 whole egg and about 60grams of egg whites scrambled in a pan with a chopped mix of shallots, capsicum, onion, zucchini and potato. I then drizzle a little reduced salt tomato  sauce. I accompany this with a big glass of water.

Breakfast – each meal is always maximum volume

Morning Snack – approx 9:30am
My first snack of the day consists of approximately 6 – 8 plain thin rice cakes topped with smooth peanut butter, honey and chopped up banana. This is also accompanied with a side of strawberries and a black coffee. This  is a big carb hit to get me through a busy morning at work usually running around to meetings.

Lunch  – approx 11:30/12
Lunch lately has been the chicken taco salad that I posted the recipe of a few posts back. It is incredibly filling and everyone in the office is always jealous of my meal because is smells AMAZING.

Afternoon Snack – approx 2:30pm
Another dose of rice cakes, about 6 – 8 again topped with peanut butter and honey. Why? cause I bloody love them that’s why! They taste amazing and they curb that sweet craving I usually get in the afternoon. This keeps me going at work for the rest of the afternoon until I make it home for……

I am definitely addicted to this meal

Afternoon Snack #2 – approx 5:30pm
Who said you can’t have 2 afternoon snacks? This snack has a very important purpose for me – it’s my energy to go to gym. Snack number 2 is a bowl of chocolate protein ‘zoats’ (shredded zucchini cooked into the oats) chopped strawberries and a drizzle of Walden Farms calorie free chocolate sauce. I noticed a huge difference in my training when I ensured I ate before going to lift weights.

Dinner – approx 6:30/7pm
A sirloin steak with salad, avocado and roasted potatoes.



One full day of eating – a boat load of food. I mostly stick to as many whole foods as I can as it means I get to eat a lot of food as you can see. Everything in this day I actually enjoy eating and I look forward to every meal. If I get bored of something I change it, it is as simple as that.

Until next time….







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