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Taco Chicken Salad

Every time I heat up my lunch at work and walk my giant bowl back to my desk the comments start straight away – “oh my goodness that is huge!”, “are you really going to eat all that?” “That smells amazing what is it?”

I try to always make my lunches with maximum volume, minimum calories and maximum TASTE. I always look forward to them when it comes time to eat them.

Here is the recipe for what has been on my plate at lunch time this week – Remember I like to keep it simple with as little effort as possible but still filling and tasty, so excuse me for how basic this actually is BUT you will love it.


For cooking

Raw skinless chicken breast 

1 whole cauliflower (the smaller you dice this the better)

1 whole brown onion

1 whole red capsicum

1 packet of Old El Paso Taco seasoning

For serving

Mixed bag of salad

Sour light cream 


Ok are you ready for this?……. Dice all ingredients for cooking and place in a deep dish pan preferably one that has a lid, empty  entire taco seasoning packet into dish, place lid back on and cook on a low heat. Stir occasionally until chicken is cooked through.

WAIT WHAT?? That’s it??? Yes – that is all, probably all up it takes me about half an hour to prep then I divide between 5 containers for the week. 

For serving I then just fill a giant bowl with mixed salad, heat up a container of the Taco Chicken mix (optional, I have eaten it cold and it is equally delicious) then top will a dollop of sour light cream.

You are welcome.


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