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Motivation – I’ll have what she’s having: Part 1

“How do you stay so motivated?” “I wish I could be as motivated as you are! I just can’t get myself motivated”  – the two most common things I hear from people I speak to.

It’s something that is talked about often but also something a number of us struggle with. Motivation or lack there of can really hinder our ability to achieve the goals we have set out or even just trying to be a basic functioning human in society. *queue couch time with my favorite snack of chocolate pods a can of Pepsi and some trashy reality TV*

So why do some people seem to have endless amounts of motivation and some of us are severely lacking in the whole ‘take over the world and accomplish everything’ department?

What can be even more frustrating is that you have days where you absolutely kill it, you feel like you really have your life together and then all of a sudden you walk face first into a door because it said ‘pull’ and you pushed it. (Totally did that a couple of weeks ago.)

It’s those not so gentle reminders that if we aren’t paying attention and keeping on top of things….. if we get too comfortable… things can slip or derail us. It only takes one small thing or a series of mini events to make us feel like everything is spiraling out of control. I’m going to call them joy diminishers (Credit: Coach Deasy) and they are your motivations kyrptonite.

Find your main driver – here is mine

With what ever you are trying to achieve, there is a reason for it. Being aware and acknowledging the reason or reasons why you are setting out to do something will help you create motivational aids to keep you on track.

For me there was a point in time that I had hit such a low point in my life that I decided that I never wanted to feel like that ever again. I would not allow it. I decided I would invest in myself – something I had never done before. To put myself first, to dedicated time to working on ME of all people, to ensure that I had the healthiest and strongest body I could possibly create given I had just broken it in the car accident.

Post car accident saw my weight spiral out of control. My then fiance was doing an amazing job of telling me how beautiful I looked every day, how amazing I looked in a bikini and really had me feeling pretty confident most days. When I was able-bodied again, I started going back to the gym and I was really killing myself. I was pulling 2 sessions a day, 1 fasted cardio in the morning before work and then a weights session after work. I thought I was getting pretty fit even knowing my weight was going up – I had actually convinced myself it must be muscle that I was building. It wasn’t until we held our engagement party and I received the photos back and I was shocked at what I saw. The person in the picture was not what I thought I looked like. I was much larger than majority of my girlfriends – I realised I hated myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved our engagement party but in my head, I suddenly had seen myself differently. That is when I realised I needed to take action and that I didn’t want to look like the girl in that picture on my wedding day.

It’s no secret that if you want something bad enough you will find a way….if you don’t you will find an excuse.

Adding motivational aids

These are the key to your motivational success, they keep you on track, they bring you up when you are down, they remind you why you are doing what you are doing. I am not a robot, I too go through days or moments of self-doubt, excuses, thinking things are too hard, thinking it is not worth it because I have to sacrifice something else (I have had many Fear Of Missing Out experiences). My motivational aids are the constant reminder that what I am doing is worth every second of energy I have dedicated to my goals.

Coming in part 2 – my entire list of motivational aids that I use to stay on track…. stay tuned.





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